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You can almost always hear in every interview: what is the most desirable thing for one human to do in order to achieve its goals? The answer is simple – motivation! Yes, motivation is what drives us to do most amazing things in this world. Without it, we would be passive about our lives in general and that we wouldn’t make the progresses we’ve made throughout history. Human beings differ from animals in this way because they always want to do more things, and this is where it gets interesting. Humans get so much energy and that energy has to go somewhere useful.

Word Cloud "Motivation"Building up the motivation is essential if you want to get any work done. Motivation is often linked to planning, well; this is only the half truth. It doesn’t always have to mean that planning is linked to motivation simply because when you get the feeling of motivation, you don’t plan in your head about what you are going to do next, but instead you are letting the feeling of motivation flow through you and THEN you go out and do what you’ve planned to do all along. Planning however about doing or reaching certain things is simply helping motivation take its course and setting yourself further along the path of your wanted success. Doing small things everyday will essentially invite the motivation to do things more and more and over time, this will become a (good) habit. You will be familliar with the feeling of motivation and you will easily achieve whatever you wanted to achieve. Many people will want to know your secret to success and trying to explain will be the most difficult thing you will have to do. Sharing the secret of your success will be the good thing to do – because this way you won’t be selfish and you will let other people achieve happiness through their goals as well. So sharing is caring after all.
victoriesStep by step you will learn about many ways to achieve motivation but it primarily be about your work. People often link progress in work to progress in their everyday life and this is what keeps people motivated. But success in work is not what brings you long term happiness – it should be you. You should be the source of your happiness. Everyday victories will surely drive you through it but remember, at the end of the day, you is what drove you to your success, not your work or any other type of thing.
If you feel like you can’t reach motivaton on your own, it is not a bad idea to link yourself to other people who need help with their motivation. It is actually a good idea because this way you will help each other out and together you will over time reach your wanted success. Many times we can’t do certain things alone, and it is often good and not a shame if you want to seek help from a friend or a professional.

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