Improve your chances for succeeding by following these simple steps

Improve your chances for succeeding by following these simple steps

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Improve your chances for succeeding by following these simple steps

Do you ever come to a task and say to yourself “This looks too hard I’m not even going to try”? If you answered yes keep reading and I might be able to shed some light on your life. The truth being that if you don’t even try, you absolutely will fail or not accomplish your task. Think about it, if you are trying something for the first time and you fail you probably had a 50%/50% chance of succeeding. If you didn’t even try you had a 0% chance of succeeding. Same thing applies to getting things done.


Let’s say you have decided that today you are going to clean your house. You start out your day planning all the things you want to get done and how long it’s going to take you to do them. Then as the day moves forward you procrastinate and side track until hours have passed and you haven’t even started yet. You might even have talked yourself out of doing you task at this point because too much time has passed and you haven’t even started yet. This will lead you to the 0% success of accomplishing your task. Even if you had a reward set like trying one of those best double shower heads for your bathroom at the end of day might not be a good enough reason to get you started at the first place.

“People that don’t try will always fail”

I’m going to help you overcome this by giving you a few simple steps to follow and if you do you will never have the 0% you will at least have the 50% chance of succeeding.

 Step 1 Get Started

If you simply start or get moving in the right direction you can always make changes to your plans later and by starting you will feel staying on task easier as each minute passes.

 Step 2 Don’t Stop

This one should be easy enough. Once you get started don’t stop to check your text messages every 2 minutes or make yourself a sandwich every time you walk into the kitchen. This little stops make it harder to stay on track and if you just keep going you will be done before you know it.

 Step 3 Don’t Waste Time

Wasting time will turn a regular task into a horrible project that takes up all your free time and keeps you busy doing things you don’t want to be doing. You can either right out an agenda or timeline of what you want to get done or how long each subtask should take you to complete. Especially don’t do all the easy parts first and save the hard stuff for last because when you get to the hard stuff you will probably drag it out for so long you won’t even get finished.

 Step 4 Get Finished

Get finished and do something fun! Don’t just keep knit picking every minor detail get the task done and go to do something else. It’s not hard to get things done if you just focus on your task and stay organized.

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